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    IBM 42U 1200mm Deep Static Rack

    IBM 42U 1200mm Deep Static Rack


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      Product details

      These 42U and 47U racks conform to the EIA-310-D industry standard for 19-inch, type A rack cabinets, and the 42U Dynamic racks have outriggers (stabilizers) allowing for movement of even large loads.
      Features include:
      A perforated front door allows for air flow.
      Six side-wall compartments support 1U-high power distribution units (PDUs) and switches without taking up valuable rack space.
      Cable management rings are included with the rack for customers to use for cable management.
      Easy to install and remove side panels are a standard feature on the 4PX models.
      The front door can be hinged on either side, providing flexibility to open in either direction.
      Split rear doors improve access and serviceability.
      Front and rear doors and side panels include locks and keys to help secure servers.
      Heavy duty casters with the use of outriggers (stablizers) come with the 42U Dynamic Racks for added stability, allowing movement of even large loads.
      Tool-less 0U PDU rear channel mounting reduces installation time and increases accessibility.
      These 42U and 47U Static and Dynamic Racks provide an excellent solution for creating rack suites to economically support multiple servers and supporting devices.

      Height: 2003 mm (78.9 in)
      Width: 605 (23.8 in)
      Depth: 1200 mm (47.2 in)
      Weight: 165 kg (363 lb), weight includes outriggers

      IBM 42U Rack box contains:
      o 42U rack cabinet and keys
      o Front stabilizer plate
      o Miscellaneous mounting hardware
      o Installation and safety publications with Warranty



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      Hloubka racku (rackové skříně) 120 a více cm
      Šířka racku (rackové skříně) 60 cm
      Typ (rackové skříně) Volně stojící
      Výrobce (rackové skříně) Lenovo
      Výška racku (rackové skříně) 42U

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