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    Lenovo ThinkSystem DE4000H SAS Hybrid Flash Array SFF (4x 16 Gb FC base ports [no SFPs], 8x 12 Gb SAS HIC ports)

    Lenovo ThinkSystem DE4000H SAS Hybrid Flash Array SFF (4x 16 Gb FC base ports [no SFPs], 8x 12 Gb SAS HIC ports)


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      Product details

      Lenovo ThinkSystem DE4000H is a scalable, hybrid entry-level storage system that is designed to provide performance, simplicity, capacity, security, and high availability for medium to large businesses. It delivers enterprise-class storage management capabilities with a wide choice of host connectivity options, flexible drive configurations, and enhanced data management features. The ThinkSystem DE4000H is a perfect fit for a wide range of enterprise workloads, including big data and analytics, video surveillance, technical computing, backup and recovery, and other storage I/O-intensive applications.
      ThinkSystem DE4000H models are available in a 2U rack form-factor with 24 small form-factor (2.5-inch SFF) drives (2U24 SFF), 12 large form-factor (3.5-inch LFF) drives (2U12 LFF), or a 4U rack form-factor with 60 LFF drives (4U60 LFF) and include two controllers, each with 8 GB cache for a system total of 16 GB. Universal 10 Gb iSCSI or 8/16 Gb Fibre Channel (FC) ports provide base host connectivity, and the host interface cards provide additional 10 Gb iSCSI or 8/16 Gb FC, 12 Gb SAS, 10/25 Gb iSCSI, or 8/16/32 Gb FC connections.

      Form factor
      •DE4000H 2U24 SFF controller enclosure (Machine Type 7Y75): 2U rack mount.
      •DE4000H 2U12 LFF controller enclosure (Machine Type 7Y74): 2U rack mount.
      •DE4000H 4U60 LFF controller enclosure (Machine Type 7Y77): 4U rack mount.
      •DE240S 2U24 SFF expansion enclosure (Machine Type 7Y68): 2U rack mount.
      •DE120S 2U12 LFF expansion enclosure (Machine Type 7Y63): 2U rack mount.
      •DE600S 4U60 LFF expansion enclosure (Machine Type 7Y69): 4U rack mount.

      Controller configuration
      Dual active-active controller configuration with automatic load balancing.

      RAID levels
      RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 10; Dynamic Disk Pools.

      Controller cache
      16 GB per system (8 GB per controller). Cache mirroring between the controllers. Flash-backed cache protection (includes battery for destaging to flash).

      Drive bays
      Up to 8 enclosures per system (Controller unit with up to 3 [4U60] or 7 [2U24 or 2U12] expansion units):
      •Up to 192 LFF hot-swap drive bays (Up to 1x 2U12 and 3x 4U60 LFF enclosures)
      •Up to 192 SFF hot-swap drive bays (Up to 8x 2U24 LFF enclosures)
      Intermix of 2U24 SFF, 2U12 LFF, and 4U60 LFF enclosures is supported for a total of up to 192 drives per system.

      Drive technology
      •12 Gb SAS and NL SAS HDDs, 12 Gb SAS SSDs.
      •Intermix of HDDs and SSDs is supported within a system.
      •Intermix of HDDs and SSDs is not supported within a volume group or disk pool.
      •A maximum of 120 SAS SSDs is supported.

      Drive expansion connectivity
      •2x 12 Gb SAS x4 (Mini-SAS HD SFF-8644) expansion ports on each of two controllers in the controller enclosure for the attachment of the expansion enclosures.
      •4x 12 Gb SAS x4 (Mini-SAS HD SFF-8644) expansion ports on each of two I/O modules in the expansion enclosure for the attachment to the controller enclosure and daisy chaining of the expansion enclosures.

      2U24 SFF drives: •1.8 TB 10K rpm SAS HDDs •7.68 TB and 15.36 TB SAS SSDs (1 DWD) •800 GB, 1.6 TB, and 3.2 TB SAS SSDs (3 DWD)
      2U12 LFF drives: •4 TB, 8 TB, 10 TB, and 12 TB 7.2K rpm NL SAS HDDs •800 GB SAS SSDs (3 DWD) 4U60 LFF drives: •4 TB, 8 TB, 10 TB, and 12 TB 7.2K rpm NL SAS HDDs •800 GB, 1.6 TB, and 3.2 TB SAS SSDs (3 DWD)

      Storage capacity
      Up to 2.3 PB (192x 12 TB LFF HDDs).

      Host connectivity
      Base ports (per controller enclosure with two controllers): •4x 10 Gb iSCSI (DAC or SW fiber optics, LC) or 8/16 Gb FC (SW fiber optics, LC) SFP+ host ports (2 ports per controller)
      Additional ports on host interface cards (per controller enclosure with two controllers): •8x 12 Gb SAS host ports (Mini-SAS HD, SFF-8644) (4 ports per controller) •8x 10/25 Gb iSCSI SFP28 host ports (SW fiber optics, LC) (4 ports per controller) •8x 8/16/32 Gb FC SFP+ host ports (SW fiber, LC) (4 ports per controller) •8x 10 Gb iSCSI (DAC or SW fiber optics, LC) or 8/16 Gb FC (SW fiber optics, LC) SFP+ host ports (4 ports per controller)
      Note: Two host interface cards are required for selection (one pre controller).

      Host operating systems
      Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2016; Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7; SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12; VMware vSphere 6.0 and 6.5.

      Standard software features
      Dynamic Disk Pools, SSD read cache, snapshots (up to 128 targets), volume copy, thin provisioning (DDP only), and data assurance.

      Optional software features
      Snapshots (up to 512 targets), asynchronous mirroring.

      •Up to 300 000 random read IOPS (4 KB blocks).
      •Up to 109 000 random write IOPS (4 KB blocks).
      •Up to 9.2 GBps sequential read throughput (64 KB blocks).
      •Up to 2.7 GBps sequential write throughput (64 KB blocks).

      Configuration maximums**
      •Maximum storage capacity: 2.3 PB
      •Maximum number of logical volumes: 512
      •Maximum logical volume size: 2 PB
      •Maximum thin-provisioned logical volume size (DDP only): 256 TB
      •Maximum number of drives in a RAID volume group: ?RAID 0, 1/10: 192 ?RAID 3, 5, 6: 30
      •Maximum number of DDP arrays: 20
      •Maximum number of drives in a DDP array: 192 (11 drives minimum)
      •Maximum SSD read cache size: 5 TB
      •Maximum number of hosts: 256
      •Maximum number of snapshots: 512 (requires an optional license)
      •Maximum number of mirroring pairs: 32 (requires an optional license)

      Redundant cooling with two cooling modules (4U60 LFF) or with the fans that are built into power supplies (2U24 SFF and 2U12 LFF).

      Power supply
      Two redundant hot-swap 913 W (100 - 240 V) (2U24 and 2U12 enclosures) or 2325 W (200 - 240 V) (4U60 enclosures) Platinum AC power supplies.

      Hot-swap parts
      Controllers, I/O modules, drives, power supplies, cooling modules (4U60 LFF only), and SFP+/SFP28 transceivers.

      Management ports •1x 1 GbE port (UTP, RJ-45) per controller for out-of-band management. •2x Serial console ports (RJ-45 and Micro-USB) for system configuration. •In-band management via I/O path.

      Management interfaces
      System Manager web-based GUI; SAN Manager standalone GUI; SSH CLI; Serial console CLI; SMI-S Provider; SNMP, email, and syslog alerts; optional Lenovo XClarity.

      Security features
      Secure Socket Layer (SSL), Secure Shell (SSH), user level security, role-based access control (RBAC), LDAP authentication.

      Hardware warranty Three-year customer-replaceable unit and onsite limited warranty with 9x5 next business day terms. Optional warranty service upgrades are available through Lenovo: 24x7 covera

      Lenovo Press - https://lenovopress.com/lp0882-lenovo-thinksystem-de4000h-hybrid-storage-array

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      Hrubá kapacita (disk.pole) > 20 TB
      Provedení (disk.pole) RACK
      Připojení zařízení (disk.pole) SAS/iSCSI/FC
      RAID (disk.pole) Jiné
      Typy HDD (disk.pole) SAS/NL SAS/SSD
      Výrobce (disk.pole) Lenovo

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