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    The Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP) (part number 46M4113) is used to report local temperature and humidity values and make that information available to management tools such as IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager (AEM). The EMP connects to t

    273.01 EUR 

    exc. VAT

    330.34 EUR 

    inc. VAT

    The IBM 3000VA LCD 3U Rack UPS also comes equipped with a communication bay for the installation of an optional Network Management Card (46M4110). The Network Management Card provides convenient over the network UPS remote monitoring and management throu

    376.20 EUR 

    exc. VAT

    455.20 EUR 

    inc. VAT

    1500VA / 980W Tower Line Interactive (VI) UPS (SMT1500i) Black 8x IEC320 C13 (10A) output connections Outlets are aranged in two groups of which onme is controllable 1x IEC320 C14 (10A) input connections + Power Cord with CEE7 (Schuko) plug, country sp

    855.16 EUR 

    exc. VAT

    1 034.75 EUR 

    inc. VAT

    The T1kVA and T1.5kVA Tower Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) offerings provide power protection with increased efficiency and simplified power management to safeguard the high-availability of System x® and ThinkServer® server environments. With efficien

    972.81 EUR 

    exc. VAT

    1 177.10 EUR 

    inc. VAT

    450W modular Power Supply Module , hot plug, platinum (94% efficiency), Turbo Mode vhodný pro TX1330M2/TX1330M3/TX2560M1/TX2560M2/RX1330M2/RX2510M2/RX2530M1/RX2530M2/RX2540M1/RX2540M2/RX2560M1/RX2560M2

    240.84 EUR 

    exc. VAT

    291.42 EUR 

    inc. VAT

    Lenovo ThinkSystem 550W (230V/115V) Platinum Hot-Swap Power Supply

    270.71 EUR 

    exc. VAT

    327.56 EUR 

    inc. VAT

    Lenovo ThinkSystem 750W (230/115V) v2 Platinum Hot-Swap Power Supply - SR645/SR665

    330.13 EUR 

    exc. VAT

    399.45 EUR 

    inc. VAT

    Lenovo ThinkSystem 750W (230V) v2 Titanium Hot-Swap Power Supply

    287.58 EUR 

    exc. VAT

    347.97 EUR 

    inc. VAT

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