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    System x Storage TS2900 Tape Autoloader w/LT06 HH SAS

    System x Storage TS2900 Tape Autoloader w/LT06 HH SAS
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      The TS2900 has a nine-data-slot cartridge capacity for a total storage capacity of up to 56.25 TB with 2:5:1 compression, and also a single I/O station to provide undisturbed library operation when extracting or inserting data cartridges. The library uses one IBM LTO Ultrium Half-High tape drive (in these TS2900 models, an LTO Ultrium 6 S6H/S6R, LTO Ultrium 5 S5H/S5H, or an LTO Ultrium 4 S4H/S4R). The TS2900 is shipped as a rack mount unit, with the option of a desktop conversion kit. The TS2900 includes, as standard, a bar-code reader, which supports the operations in sequential or random access mode. Remote administration and management capabilities are possible through the web interface that is also included as standard.

      The group box contains the following items:
      Tape autoloader with Ultrium 4 Half-High (Model S4H/S4R) or Ultrium 5 Half-High tape drive (Model S5H/S5R) or Ultrium 6 Half-High tape drive (Model S6H/S6R)
      Rack mount kit with device to PDU line cord or Deskside Cover (one must be selected)
      SAS wrap tool
      Drive includes two Mini-SAS (SFF-8088) connectors
      One removable nine-cartridge magazine
      Power cord (must be selected)
      One IBM Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge (universal)
      IBM System Storage TS2900 Tape Autoloader Setup, Operator, and Service Guide, GC27-2212-02
      IBM System Storage TS2900 Tape Autoloader Installation Quick Reference Guide, GA76-0423-00
      Quality hotline card
      Device Driver readme sheet
      IBM System Storage Translated Safety Notices
      Multi-language Statement of Limited Warranty
      Statement of Limited Warranty Pointer Sheet
      Misc documents CD

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      Počet mechanik (autoloadery, knihovny) 1
      Počet pásek (autoloadery, knihovny) 8
      Provedení (autoloadery, knihovny) Externí
      Provedení (zálohovací mechaniky) Externí
      Připojení (autoloadery, knihovny) SAS
      Připojení (zálohovací mechaniky) SAS
      Rozšiřitelnost (autoloadery, knihovny) Ne
      Technologie (autoloadery, knihovny) LTO Ultrium
      Technologie (zálohovací mechaniky) LTO Ultrium
      Výrobce (autoloadery, knihovny) Lenovo
      Výrobce (zálohovací mechaniky) Lenovo

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